ChatGPT as a private makeup advisor


 Had a bit of fun with ChatGPT few days and I'm sharing this with you.

It all started instructing ChatGPT to act as my private beauty advisor and help me create the best makeup for a party.

If you never used Midjourney (or other generative artificial intelligence app) before, first check the short tutorial in this post here before reading further.

Next step, I've asked ChatGPT to rephrase the description for Midjourney, so that I can actually see how this would look like. Check first the short tutorial in this post here if you don't know what Midjourney is, or you have never used generative artificial intelligence before.

Next, copy paste the output from ChatGPT to Midjourney and you get this:
(if you don't get this step, read the tutorial here first)

Too serious. I want something bolder.

How about some green lipstick ?

Seems like ChatGPT + Midjourney can act as a good private beauty advisor. Have fun !