About Me

I’m Viorel Spinu, I’ve been into software development for the last 25 years. For the last four years I am part of Cegeka (Java Enterprise & blockchain solution, Machine Learning, Innovation until 2020, then part of the Horizon Division as backend developer), between 2013 and 2018 I’ve been building my own robotics & IOT company, and before that I’ve been doing software outsourcing for seven years developing solutions used by British Telecom, EA, Carrefour Worldwide and others. For three years I’ve been writing Java code for Orange Romania and MC Donald’s Corporation. My first six years into programming were about FoxPro 2.6 and Visual FoxPro.

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Some of my things, on a timeline

On national TV talking about AI (2)

On national TV talking about AI

I joined the Cegeka Horizon Team

New challenging experiences ahead as I am now part of the Cegeka Horizon Team as a backend developer. Horizon is the single point of entry to manage all cloud services, a multi-cloud platform which allows Cegeka customers to access and work with their resources, no matter they are supported by a public cloud (AWS/Azure/Google) or the Cegeka private cloud. A microservice based architecture, Python code and a soon-to-be message bus which we are going to add to the mix soon.

Neural network based remote presenter

I hate computer presenters. I never seem able to remember which button goes forward on my slides. This is why I've built my own neural-network-powered vision remote presenter. Full details here -

Speaker on Serverless Cloud and Machine Learning at Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics

It's been a really nice experience to speak about creating a Serveless Machine Learning enable system at the Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics Bucharest.

Speaker on innovation at Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers Bucharest

I had the pleasure to speak on innovation at the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers Bucharest.

Blockchain&Java for Logistics and Shipping

Working on a Blockchain and Java project for one of the top ten world logistics company.

Teddy the 2nd - a Google Cloud AI Powered bear

Pet project built for Cegeka, Teddy the 2nd is a teddy bear powered by Google AI Cloud. He is able to see everything around, speak it out loudly in a lot of languages, and he's even able to advise you on the best beer !

Host for the Artificial Intelligence Bucharest Meetup

Since June 2019 I'm having fun organising the A.I.B. Meetup.

Speaker at Cegeka Innovation Breakfast

I had the pleasure to speak on innovation (more specific, on "How to lose money on innovation and why you must keep doing this") at Cegeka Innovation Breakfast Event.

Blockchain in logistics

Together with our Cegeka Team, we have succesfully delivered a blockchain project for one of the top logistics companies in the world.

Blockckain&Java, import duties

Delivered a Blockchain (Ethereum Parity) project for one of the top ten logistics company in Europe.

Julie the Brainy Hand @ Softbinator

It's been really nice to talk about our experience building Julie the Brainy Hand at Talks by Softbinator.

My slides are here - a story with slot-cars, computer vision, machine learning and robotic arms

Julie the Brainy Hand

Fun project developed with the Cegeka team, bringing together computer vision, machine learning and robotics. We've been at Supernova 2018 Antwerp for four days, and Julie lost 75 races (out of 1250 !)

Robotic Sumo Challenge in Cegeka

Lot of fun organizing the robotic sumo challenge in Cegeka !

Joined Cegeka Emerging Techologies Team

Exit from Robofun


IOT platform, developed under the Robofun umbrella. Still active - iot.robofun.ro


Self-driving factory autonomous mini-car, computer vision & A.I.

"The Beer Keyboard"

Our Robofun Create project has been featured on Huffington Post, TheNextWeb, Gizmodo,Engadget, The Verge, Tom's Hardware and others.


"Arduino for the very beginner"

Wrote my first book on Arduino.
available here on paper
or you can read some chapters for free on Robofun Forum

Live on ProTV with the robotic bar

Been live on ProTV with my robotic bar project.

Launched Robofun Create

Founded under the Robofun umbrella, Robofun Create is about technology. "That kind of technology you cannot find in shops, as it's not there yet" 

Media Coverage

Founded Robofun

Founded https://www.robofun.ro, the largest robotics shop in Romania. Still going strong in 2019.

  • 2009

Founder, Developer, Marketing & few other hats @ Taskwriter.com

Founded Taskwriter.com, startup focused on web tools for productivity. Failed few years later (red sea market, did not raise enough funding).

some echos still on Google

Started Homix SmartHome

Founded Homix, a research company focused on smarthomes. Failed 3 years later due to lack of focus on sales (and too much focus on tech).

My company has been featured on TechCrunch

A rather simple gimmick got us featured on Techcrunch

OpenCoffee Romania Host & Speaker

OpenCoffee organizer & public speaker.

some of my presentations are still available on Slideshare

  • Founder, Software Developer, Project Manager, Sales guy & few other hats @ Sety

    Founded my first company, outsourcing company focused on providing Java solutions.

    Software Developer @ TotalSoft SA

    Intranet Java Web applications for Orange. Apache Axis, Struts 2, JSP.

    Software Developer @ Kepler Rominfo

    MCDonalds Corporation, Lotus Notes, Java, Java Applets.

    Software Developer @ Business Soft(college)

    IT solutions for agriculture, FoxPro, VisualBasic.

    Software Developer @ Infogroup (high-school)

    Foxpro 2.6, C++