Midjourney prompt generator

Midjourney Text-to-Image

Midjourney Prompt Generator

This webapp generates a Midjourney prompt from a text input and various options. Simply enter the prompt and the desired options below and the app will generate the prompt for you.


Enter your prompt here.




Art Movement

Rendering engine





Scene type


How much more varied, random, and different the results will be. Must be between 0-100. Higher values will favor more interesting and unusual generations in exchange for less reliable compositions.


Sets the seed, which can sometimes help keep things more steady and reproducible when trying to generate a similar prompt again. It must be a positive integer (any whole number between 0 and 4294967295). If not used, a random seed will be chosen instead, behind the scenes.

Negative Prompting (No)

Negative prompting (`--no plants` would try to remove plants). Equivalent to using an advanced text weight of `::-0.5`.

Image Weight (IW)

Sets image prompt weight relative to text weight. The default value is 0.25.

Height (H)

Sets the height of the image. The value must be between 256 and 2034, while keeping in mind that the maximum upscale resolution is around 3 Megapixels. These values work better as multiples of 64 (or 128 for "--hd").


How much rendering quality time you want to spend. The default value is 1. Higher values cost more and lower values cost less.

Width (W)

Sets the width of the image. The value must be between 256 and 2034, while keeping in mind that the maximum upscale resolution is around 3 Megapixels. These values work better as multiples of 64 (or 128 for "--hd").

Aspect Ratio (AR)

Generates images with the desired aspect ratio. Enter the desired aspect ratio in the format "W:H", for example "16:9" for a 16:9 aspect ratio (~448x256).


Uses old algorithms 1 (which was formerly the "vibe" option, sometimes better for macro or textures) or 2, the last improvement. We are at version 4 now, which you do not need to specify. So specify `--version 2` to use the previous older model, or `--version 1` for the one before.


The stylize argument sets how strong of a 'stylization' your images have, the higher you set it, the more opinionated it will be. The default value is 2500. See below for more info.


Uses the "light" upscaler when selecting the U buttons. Results are then closer to the original image, with less detail added during upscale. Ideal for faces and smooth surfaces.


Uses a new experimental algorithm. This model takes significantly longer to run and only produces 2 outputs (1 for non square resolutions). It also does not work with `--hd`, `--stylize`, and `--q 5`.


Uses a different, older algorithm that’s potentially better for larger images, but with less consistent composition. Best for abstract and landscape prompts. This also generates images at higher resolutions without the need to upscale.

Same Seed

Makes it so the seed affects all images of the resulting grid in the same way. If not used, each image in the grid will use a different "slice" of the seed, providing higher variety.


Saves a progress video, which is sent to you in the ✉️-triggered DM (you must react with the envelope to get the video link). This currently does not work with upscales.


  1. Thanks for sharing from Midjourney AI Showcase

  2. It is fantastic ..thank you very much

  3. this is brilliant. thank you!

  4. Thank you for creating and sharing this. It is wonderful.

  5. Génial pour les débutant

  6. Mecha robot cat with lasers

    , acrylic, Tungsten light --painter-johannes-vermeer, by Gustav Klimt --painter-william-morris, Futurism, Houdini, Close-up perspective, Made of gold, Medium format camera, Polarizing filter, Horror scene --chaos 2 --seed 2 --iw 1 --h 1024 --quality 1 --w 768 --version 3 --stylize 2500 --uplight --beta --hd --sameseed --video

  7. Thank you. This works so well, & makes things so much easier when you're not tech savvy.

  8. This is one of the most helpful things I've ever seen posted online. It takes a lot of the guesswork and frustration out of creating a prompt, especially when you are unfamiliar with computer graphic terms.

  9. What a great interface! I noticed that some of the Painters add “—painter-“ instead of “by” and this confuses Midjourney. Thanks for this work!

    1. Fixed now, thank you for noticing this. Some class was missing for these.

  10. This works wonderfully. I just rendered a couple of nice shots.Thanks so much for creating this. I use a handful of similar tools, but this is the most straightforward! Found this on a group in Facebook that you posted recently. - Deepti

  11. Thank you for sharing mate you’ve done a great job.

  12. Extremamente útil, parabéns!!!

  13. Excellent work.. intuitive, simple to use and very useful!
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Thanks for this very helpful tool

  15. is this updated with the latest midjourney engine?

    1. Very nice. Thank you.
      When do you plan to update it to 5.2


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