AI: Unexpected scenarios - Speaker at Faculty of Marketing



Few months ago I had the pleasure to speak to Faculty of Marketing in Bucharest University of Economic Studies

Carmen, Deputy Dean at Faculty of Marketing, was kind to invite me again as a speaker, few days ago.

Here's my speech.

And some of the feedback I got from the participants. Thank you everyone, it's been a great experience for me as well!

  • "Great experience, pleased to hear about this"
  • "This meeting was a wonderful experience that taught me a lot of things regarding how AI works and how to use it more efficiently."
  • "The way the information was presented kept me captived and wanting for more."
  • "Thank you for an amazing meeting!"
  • "Discovered new ways to use AI,learned how to use AI in my bussines and some great ideas like the one with the parfum bottles,I would like to see thoes bottles in real life."
  • "I really liked this workshop because I had the opportunity to learn new things about the AI, making our lives more efficient."
  • "I found this lesson to be fun and interactive as I expected it to be. Me, personally, I enjoyed it and it made my knowledge expand in the AI field."
  • "A very fun workshop where I learned a lot of things that will be helpful in the future"
  • "Although I missed the first part of the presentation, I found the rest of it very engaging and interesting. The information was well structured and not boring at all so good job !"
  • "Interesting, didn't learned new things but I have a better understanding of things that I allready knew."
  • "It was really entertaining. We learned a lot about AI and what it can do to make our day to day lives more efficient. Thank you for taking the time to come to this class and teach us about this 😌😌"
  • "I like this presentation ! Good knowledge and practical use !!!"
  • "It was really eye opening, I do quite enjoy the way the presenter tackled Ai. Ps I do enjoy his optimism."
  • "The AI almost convinced me to buy an invisible friend"
  • "I liked the stages of the presentation and how it reached the end, where, personally, I think it was the most important part."
  • "A learning journey about AI. Very useful information about the present and the days that will come. Thank you for your time."
  • "It was very interesting to find out so many new things about AI and how to use it more efficiently ."