Speaker at BigLifeProject on A.I. impact (March 2023)


I've been invited to speak on the impact of A.I. during one of the BigLifeProject meetings. Thank for inviting me, Mugurel Stan, it's been a great experience for me. 

Leaving a few of my slides at the end.

My speech was about flexibility. No matter how hard will A.I. change our world, we will survive. Our world is already changing. 100 years ago is was common to use an elevator such as the one below at work. Today it would be unimaginable.

That's a job which simply dissapeared.

Another job which is no more.

My grandparents used to live like this (80 years ago).

That's a job which disappeared like 30-40 years ago.

Many other jobs which are no more (Romanian, sorry). 

That's an exercise I like a lot. Let's think of John, an assembly language programmer from 1970. We managed to transport him to 2023. John is amazed how quickly programmers are able to write applications in 2023. An application that would require few years of work for John in 1970, in 2023 it can be completed in weeks. John will conclude (and his reasoning is flawless !): "if one guy from 2023 is 10000 times more productive than a programmer from 1970, then it means that no more than 500-1000 programmers are still required in 2023". What John is missing is that fact that applications of computer programming has also increased exponentially. I'm sure it's exactly the same with A.I.

30 years ago, Romania, Europe, we used to travel to work as below.

That's a job disappearing in front of our eyes.

Our world is changing. We are changing. And this is OK.