Estee Lauder Hackathon: Belle


Me and my friend Andrei, we've been participating to the Estee Lauder Beauty Hackathon. We have built Belle, your A.I. powered friend, trained into beauty and style, focused on helping people with special needs to discover their unique beauty style. 


The inspiration behind Phoenix stems from the desire to empower individuals with disabilities or unique challenges, enabling them to confidently express their personal style and embrace their individuality. Recognising that mainstream fashion and style advice often falls short in addressing the specific needs and concerns of these individuals, Phoenix was created as a more inclusive solution. Whenever you need a friend to chat with and brainstorm creative ideas on how to overcome the unique challenges you are facing, Phoenix is here to help you rise from the ashes, overcome your challenges, and turn them into your unique strengths.What it does

Phoenix is an AI powered friend designed to provide personalised style advice and support for individuals with disabilities or unique challenges. No matter what difficulties you may face, Phoenix has a wide range of features to assist you in overcoming them. Whether it's personalised style recommendations, creative transformation techniques, photo generation, or emotional support, Phoenix is designed to empower individuals with disabilities or unique challenges to confidently express their individuality, raise from the ashes and transform their weakness into their greatest strength.

  •  customised style suggestions: Phoenix carefully listens to your specific challenges, which can range from difficulties to apply makeup due to hands tremor, minor scars, up to more significant challenges such as complete loss of physical functions. Based on these and your preferences, it helps you brainstorm creative and unique approaches and it provides tailored style recommendations, including adaptive clothing, accessories, or makeup techniques to enhance your appearance, boost your confidence and transform your weakness into your greatest strength.
  • creative transformation or concealment: Depending on the user's unique challenge, Phoenix can offer ideas on how to creatively transform or hide it. This may include using makeup to create a unique design or pattern, suggesting prosthetics or accessories that complement their appearance, or recommending ways to effectively conceal the challenge.
  • spark creativity with unique photo generation: Based on the ideas discussed, Phoenix can generate photos to inspire users and help them visualise the suggested style modifications. It can create for you how many photos you want, based on the ideas you've explored toghether. It will always create the photos based on the context: for example, you can ask for green short hair and blue lipstick and you'll get this. Phoenix creates unique photos from scratch using a generative neural network so you'll never find these photos anywhere else on the Internet.
  • ilustrate ideas directly on user photo: Users can upload their own photos, and Phoenix will apply the creative ideas or makeup techniques directly to the image. This helps users to see how the suggestions would look on them in real life.
  • emotional support: Beyond providing style advice, Phoenix also serves as a friendly and understanding companion for users who may feel isolated or overwhelmed. It encourages users to embrace their uniqueness and helps build their self-esteem.
  • should the user experience difficulties writing or reading, Belle can accommodate this by speaking directly to the user and listening to the person's voice.