Unreal United Press - when A.I. is the blogger



As an experiment and a new toy for me, I've built a blog fully written by artificial intelligence models via a completely automated process.

Every morning I open up the page to see what AI has written during the night. That's pretty similar to receiving a Kinder surprise each morning, and I'm loving it.

Behind the scene is a large language model (for the time being ChatGPT from OpenAI is being used, but it can be substituted to any other model) and several generative text-to-image models which are used to ilustrate the articles.

The editorial process can be fully automated, or it can be guided by a human. No matter whether a human is in the lead, or everything goes fully automated, all the content is A.I. generated. The human is able to chose the subjects for the news and to filter out the images which are not that great, should he/she decides to do that.

The LLM is able to answer queries like:

"for the Felisdom world, do you think it's the moment to introduce a new epic thread, or write a followup article instead ?"

"choose the most interesting epic thread in the Aeris world to write a new followup"

"for Aeris world, write five possible followup news for the epic thread related to the disappearance of Ramona"

"for NewHaven, write a news related to economy"

"write a new article in Aeris, investigating the possible causes for the disappearance of Ramona"

"on a scale of 0 to 10, how much joy would this article bring to a human reader? Please rate accordingly."

"write a new article in the Aeris world: Ramona has been found"

"write a new article in Behemoth: an unusual light was observed in the vicinity of the Sky Palaces"

Invoking these queries in the correct sequence using some custom Python scripts, the A.I. can write new the blog in a fully automatic way. Seems to be able to follow some epic threads, as it happened with Ramona disappearance or the crystal plague from Crystalline .

Feel free to keep up as the story goes on ! 

Our AI models promise is to publish one new article every 12 hours, so check up often.

-> https://unrealunitedpress.blogspot.com/ 

There are eight worlds covered by Unreal United Press right now, choose your favorite: