Using Midjourney and ChatGPT to generate a landing page design


ChatGPT seems to be pretty good at backend development. See webapp-with-serverless-backend-written and technical-architecture-for-whatsapp.

I was wondering how good is a design work for websites. As ChatGPT is not able to generate images, I used Midjourney for this purpose.

TLDR: to me, it seems to be very good:


First step, let's ask ChatGPT to think for me and create an email for the guy who going to work on the website design.

Now, go to Midjourney and copy paste the instructios from ChatGPT.

And we have our first four designs ! Not bad at all. I would say.

I want four more.

And four more !

Even more ? Why not...Midjourney will never be annoyed, it will simply create other and other designs till you are happy.


And now some of the designs above that I like most.

Next step ? Use an AI powered tool to create some HTML and CSS for you, using the PNG created by Midjourney. Yes, that seems to be possible. I might give this a try in a next article.