Midjourney and ChatGPT as an interior designer


Can AI do the job of an interior designer ? I've played a bit with Midjourney and ChatGPT

As the lazy guy I am, I used ChatGPT to image my dream bedroom for me and describe it to me with full details, then feed that to Midjourney.  The results are quite good. And the best part is you can generate how many designs you want. You just press the refresh button and you get another. It feels a bit like getting a Kinder egg :)

I want more it to be more orange. And I always wanted a cat.

Better ! 

Let's see if we can get those paintings closer to what I want them to be.

Yes ! I could definitely live here !

Now, let's see how my bedroom would look if I weren't the minimalist guy that I am.

And now, let's try the Scandinavian style.

I definitely enjoyed doing this. Should I want to redecorate my bedroom, that's definitely an exploration I would do first. Eventually still hire an interior designer, but provide him/her with the images generated via Midjourney of how my dream bedroom looks like.
You will probably think that I can find tons of similar images on Google. Correct. But can you find a minimalist orange bedroom, with the bed on the floor, large windows and SCI-FI paintings on the walls ? Probably not.
Btw, did I mentioned you can create as many images as you want, until you get exactly that room you want to live in ?


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