I wrote a book on using Arduino


I wrote the first book in Romania on using Arduino. "Arduino for the very beginners" assumes you know nothing about hardware or programming and gets you building working projects using Arduino. You can get it here - https://www.robofun.ro/carte-arduino-pentru-incepatori-limba-romana.html .

The book is written specifically for beginners who have never used an Arduino board before. It contains 246 pages.

The first part of the book extensively describes how to use the Arduino board, various ways of communication between Arduino and sensors, and other general concepts that will help you better understand the use of Arduino.

The second part of the book extensively describes how to use 60 sensors with Arduino. Some examples of products from the Arduino ecosystem covered in this part of the book are: ADXL335, ADXL345, BMA180, MMA4852Q, MQ3, force sensors, 6DOF, 9DOF, BMP085, SHT15, DHT22, MLX90614, TMP102, the entire range of brick components, Ethernet Shield, Wifly Shield, MP3 shields, classic and I2C LCDs, servomotors, and more.

The third part of the book contains 20 complete projects using the Arduino platform. Some examples, from simple to complex: a three-led brick traffic light, a night light that pulses to the beat of music, a thermometer made from ping pong balls, online storage of data collected by Arduino using Google Docs, using Leonardo as a keyboard and mouse, logging data in Excel, a glove-controlled mouse with an accelerometer, a laser harp, Arduino-powered drums, an accelerometer for a car, and how to make a flower tug at your sleeve when you forget to water it.