Two weeks later, and John was slowly crawling its way in the Desolated Swaps. Mud, water, slippery grass higher than his truck, again and again, for weeks.

Rusty, that's how John has decided to call the truck he had found in the jungle, was indeed a great truck. Just a few adjustments here and there, and everything was working just like the good old days. Actually, the deserted areas of the Paris-Dakar rally were not much different from the harsh environment the Resistance was forced to live these days.

Pete, one of the brightest minds of the 22 century, now leader of the Resistance Science Team, just kept asking for Unobtainium ore for the last few years. One might say this is a difficult request, to say at least, but John knew Pete since childhood. He knew when Pete asks for something, there is always a good reason behind his request. And this is why John was behind the wheel for the last few weeks, to look for the valuable rocks. Several expeditions before had failed to reach the rocky areas where Unobtainium should be found, but no one before had driven something at least close to Rusty !

Besides the basic training Pete has provided, John had no idea what Unobtainium is and how to find it. And Pete genius was much too valuable to be allowed to join the trip. John could only hope some of the rocks in his trailer are of the right kind.

The green trailer was something John was very proud of. Just four days after he had found Rusty, he decided to put the truck to the test and raid the nearby Spideros camp. And man it was a successful raid ! The green Spidero nest he has captured was quickly repurposed as the trailer Rusty was now towing. Tougher than steel, and light as feathers. Stuff from the outer space !