Sometimes I think that it's our minds that are broken. 

I mean, there 20 billion people out there who are in love with the delicate beautiful angels they see, and yet we see disgusting Limp worms. 

Maybe it's our minds who has been bent during the Tibet training.

Let's just take the facts. 

There are no wars on Earth anymore, the famine and all the diseases have been eradicated, life expectancy has nearly doubled. And people are happy, everybody is so damn happy all the time. 

But there is no desire anymore. People eat their daily mush they get from the Replicators, they follow the Breeding Program according to the monthly schedule, they play the silly games in the Entertainment Houses, they sleep and the next day they start over as happy as ever, day after day.

The humankind has losts its appetite. Humans are living a pinkish dream, the most pleasant dream one could ever imagine.

Do we have any rights to wake them up ?